January 21, 2019

This page was added because I just had to share this wonderful product. I have lost 30 lbs. and feel so good and HAPPY.

Introduced to me by a friend who was dealing with depression and Bi-Polar symptoms.  A coffee based-natural product created to release our own endorphins. Created to help to support mental clarity, cognitive function, memory, creativity and even motivation. Bonus for most,       like me, is weight loss.  

How could it be so simple was my first thoughts.  Drinking one cup of "happy coffee" a day changed my life.  It took my sugar cravings away which made it so easy to make healthy eating choices.  My brain does not think about food all the time. It did not affect my sleep but gave me energy, much like feeling like your old self again. As a senior citizen, I no longer take a "nap" every day.

I felt it cleared up the brain fog and it was like someone turned off the dimmer switch and the lights came on.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to receive the detailed ingredient product sheet.

Angel love & blessings, Sandra
Four weeks after starting the Happy Coffee, I added Xanthomax to take 1 capsule daily.  Four weeks later, psoriasis that I've had for 30 years began to clear up. WOW

Elevate coffee is more than just a delicious coffee! Elevate is a great tasting micro-ground, functional coffee that contains a proprietary blend of Nootropic ingredients designed to assist with mental clarity, memory and energy. 

The Nootropics in Elevate are all-natural amino acids typically found in protein-rich foods but not always easy to get from diet alone. Nootropics are recognized for supporting cognitive function, memory, creativity and even motivation in healthy individuals. So when you need a boost, get “elevated” with Elevate Coffee.


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       There is a new           “SuperNutrient” in town!

The name is Xanthomax, an encapsulated dietary supplement designed to deliver Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant. 

Xanthomax is a Xanthohumol based nutraceutical that is derived from Hops flowers — most likely the same plant used to flavor your favorite beer! You would have to drink a lot of beer, approximately 2,000 liters, to get the same equivalency. 

Like many dietary antioxidants, Xanthohumol is a flavonoid. Xanthomax uses liposomal technology which helps to protect the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach and delivers our proprietary blend directly to your cells. Xanthomax supports your well-being!

*Supports healthy metabolic activity
*Assists with the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins
*Addresses free radicals and sources of oxidative stress
*Helps protects against viruses, bacteria, and fungi
*Helps maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels
*Works to help reduce the long-term risk of serious health problems
*Helps fight poor sleep and insomnia
*Supports weight management
*Supports skin tone and color
*Helps maintain healthy eye cornea and retina
*Supports non-thermogenic energy enhancement