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Angel-Meditation Class

Ongoing Tuesday nights, 7 to 9 pm Eastern Time via conference call. Meditation and Psychic Workouts. Payments must be made by 5 pm. Tuesdays, in order for me to send conference telephone number and codes. Thank you.


CD - Meet Your Guardian Angel Meditation

Meet your guardian angel and change your life forever. This meditation CD can help you connect with your angels and have your own wings initiated, so that you can learn to fly. YES, YOU CAN FLY! Angels are with us every day. As heavenly messengers, the Guardian will watch over you and guide you through your life's paths and journey. This CD can be used over and over to have your personal questions answered. 30 min. Music: Morning Sounds
MP3 available for outside US via free software YouSendIt.com


CD - Shades of Love

Meditation CD to help you manifest a new love, remember an old love or spark up the romance of your current love. This CD is great for those who have spouses who have jobs that require them to travel or in the military.


CD Special - Taste of Seraphim

This is an introduction CD to give you an idea of the energy experienced during a Seraphim Blueprint workshop. Included is a description of the class. 15 minutes. Cost is only for shipping and handling. If you should take the class, I will gladly deduct this cost from class fee. Classes are available on teleconference and in person, Naples, FL


CD- Children's Meditation CD's Coming Soon

Coming Soon. 4-5 are in the works. Please do not order until I post the titles. Check back.


CD-Soul Spa

A relaxing meditation CD to take all stress away. Time at a beautiful spa with warm rocks being placed down the spine.
30 minutes visualization with an extra 30 min of just music.


CD-Spirit Writing & Journaling

Visualization to guide you through the steps of automatic writing/spirit writing. CD created from meditation used in Sandra's workshop on this topic.


CD-Spiritual Journey

Before birth, your spiritual self knew of your connection to God and your angels. Allow your guardian angel to guide you from the gazebo overlooking the lake, down the wooded path to the labyrinth. As you arrive in the center of the labyrinth, experience your re-connection to God and hear his message.


Custom CD - Personal Custom Meditation

Create a custom CD just for you, mentioning your name on various topics. Fee includes consultation, creation, recording and one CD copy with professional label. 30 min with 60 min. of continued music.


Pets_My Best Friend Communication Cards

Looks who's talking!! 54 beautifully illustrated round cards to help you become your own pet psychic.


Workshop-Group Past Life Regression

This payment is for in person workshop in Naples, FL Check Events for current dates.


If you love God Within You, the music background is Heaven's Gate. You can download from this site. Check out other wonderful offers. The Guided Meditation site.