Gather 4 children that are interested in angels and voila, we have a class. Contact to check available dates.
Angel Codes are an introduction to children about how angels are available to them for their health and well-being and also, based on the healing modality of Reiki.

In this workshop, the children (age 8-12) will become aware of the angelic energy of the seven archangels and their guardian angel. Also, learn simple methods of using Reiki healing energy. Reiki is a natural healing energy intended to promote a physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The 4 hour program is designed to be informative and fun for those children that have an awareness of their energetic being and are curious about angels. Children have a natural ability for healing and being attuned in Reiki will empower them with the tools.

∞ Sensing the energy field and auras,open up the heart
∞ Reiki Level 1 Attunement
∞ Healing with people, animals and plants
∞ Meet their Guardian Angel
∞ Balance the Chakras with the Archangels
∞ Activation for protection and emergencies, God Grid

Cost: $75 per child, sliding scale for multiple children in the same primary family. Please contact me. Class limited to 6. Parent/Grandparent must attend.

To register, contact Sandra McGill Location: East Naples, Florida

Best suggestion: Students need to have a support system in place before attending this class. Parents/Grandparents must be willing to continue to share the experience with the children at home.

After the "open heart" activation, children are encouraged to color what they felt their heart looked like during the 3 minute meditation.

Jada 11 years old
After the "Meet Your Guardian Angel" short meditation, children are asked to color what their angel looked like and what was the angel's name.

​Evie  5 years old
Angel Name: Sunshine
At the end of the class, an "aura" picture is taken of each child.  Each one lays down on the paper to have their body outline, then each child colors in their aura.

This example was a class of 4, ages 9 to 11.
Working with the archangels and the chakras, the children colored in the chakra colors on the rainbow.

Evie, age 5, added a little rain to her drawing.  Of course, rainbows happen when the sun is out during the rainfall. :-)
Samantha, age 9 with lovely purple aura.