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Angel Whispers

Angels said Joy

by Sandra McGill on 06/24/15

And the angels said, "Life is  meant to be filled to overflowing with joy. Let it fill you up."

New Wings...

by Sandra McGill on 04/14/15

And the angels said, "Just a reminder...God's special order for you is ready....let us know how you love your new sparkly wings."

Sell Your House

by Sandra McGill on 11/13/10

This is not the normal post...but have had 3 requests lately for my candle spell to help sell your home and am posting here for a reference.

You will need 1 black, 2 orange and 2 white candles.  Since the candles must burn out on their own, I would suggest you find a store that has the small chime candles that burn only for two hours. (or cut tapers in fourths)  First light one black candle and one white candle to release all of your personal attachment and vibrations to the house.  Say a prayer, "In the name of the Light, I release all personal influences within this house in order that it may be sold in joy and light to a new owner."  When that is complete and the candles have burned out, perhaps the next day, place one orange candle in the living room and one in the master bedroom.  Light the orange candle in the living room first and pray, "In the name of the Light, I release this house, from its present ownership and be sold immediately to a new person. I, as the present owner, have enjoyed this home but now I wish it to have a new owner.  Then proceed to bedroom and light the second orange candle, and pray, "In the name of the Light, I release all personal influences within this house in order that it may be sold in joy and light to a new owner."  Light the last white candle when the home is sold for gratitude and thanks.


by Sandra McGill on 07/05/10

Many opportunities are out in the Universe and many are waiting for YOU. As Abraham your escrow. Know that there are wonderful changes coming. We know that you will be happy and excited about these changes.  Stay in the joy of the moment and no longer worry about the future. God always has a watch over us all. Tap into your waiting escrow....and dream...


by Sandra McGill on 06/29/10

Let go of anything or all activities that do not mirror the highest intentions for yourself.  If something isn't working, be willing to release it to the angels and God.  Let them take care of the smallest details. Expect a miracle when you decide to be the true YOU.  Always remember who YOU really are...YOU knew that at birth, remember.???


by Sandra McGill on 06/21/10

It is not about what you call "clarity".  By using this word is only another way of saying that you want US to do it for you.  We can not...this is a clear message.  We can not interfere no matter how many times you ask for clarity. Is it not enough to know we are here to guide, help and support you. Just be in love...and the rest will be as it should be. Just be.  Breathe and just be today.


by Sandra McGill on 06/16/10

Let go of the small stuff...the angels are here to help you. Know that all is divinely guided.  Feel and know that we are here with you always. Sometimes separation is difficult when it comes to relationships but know in your heart, that this is CHANGE and growth...and how many times do we say that change is good.  You can not go forward if you keep alive what was not working.  Tell a different story TODAY!!! You have a choice.


by Sandra McGill on 06/12/10

It is believed that without the power of the word imagination, there would be no expansion or creativity. All things come into the mind as a thought or idea and imagination always brings joy, love, peace and happiness. Is that not what God wants for everyone?  Yes, he does!  It is a mystery word that evokes all kinds of wonderment for most.  Imagine, allow your mind thoughts to go out side of the box. Allow your imagination to lift you up and show you what you are really capable of doing. Imagine, create, fly and SOAR!!! Time to soar beyond what you know now and we will be with you to shine your wings....


by Sandra McGill on 06/08/10

The student often outgrows the teacher and instead of being grateful, the student has missed a very important part of the lesson.  A waste of time? but only for the student who now has to continue to learn from a new teacher...again and again.  The teacher smiles. Change is growth and expansion.  Gratitude is respect for what has been learned from knowledge shared.


by Sandra McGill on 06/02/10

The angels are here to divinely guide you.  They will help you with all you questions and desires.  Feel and know that they are always with you.  Continue to work on trusting and receiving clear messages.  Raise your vibration higher and higher as these messages become more profound.  Quiet...and you will hear us.

Feel Good?

by Sandra McGill on 05/31/10

"... The basis of your life is freedom; you are so free, you can choose to direct your thought anywhere. Joy is your quest; feeling good is what matters most." Esther Hicks. As I journaled this morning, I was reminded to always go for the better feeling.  These are times of change...and check in with your gut feeling and ask, "Does this feel right...feel good?"

Sunday Morning

by Sandra McGill on 05/30/10

Morning dawn brings silence with only the sounds of the birds and the brush of angel wings.  Listening to the quiet and knowing that life is happy and full.

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