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 Tuesday Night Meditation on Zoom 7 PM EST   $10
Join me via zoom/telephone Tuesday nights for angel meditation and what I call, "psychic workouts".  

Most of the time, the angels decide what the meditation is going to be about.  We will be doing healing with the angels, talk to our Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and friendly ET's such as the Pleidians, Arcturians, etc.

7 to 8 PM. Inspirational cards, approx. 30 minute meditation and sharing afterwards. And if time permits, often an intuitive message of the week.  Session ends by 8:30 PM.

Must pay for the session by 6 pm on Tuesday night so that I know to expect you.  After 6 pm, I am unable to answer emails or messages. The session is audio recorded, in case you are unable to attend, late, or would like to re-listen again.  Recording will be available for 4 weeks.

Seraphim Blueprint Level 1 Angel Healing Program

Next workshop To be advised.♥
Zoom Teleconference Only  9 am to 6 pm   $180
Email if you wish to be put on "advise" list.

Note: Classes as small as 3 angels. If you are interested, share with 2 of your angel friends, and you have a personal class. Times available during week and weekends. Email: Blessings. :-) 

Candle Magick 101, ZOOM Next class TBA.

An afternoon of pure magic and insight. You'll be amazed at how the use of candles can help us in many ways. It always has from time began in ceremonies such as weddings, birthdays and other key events.

How often do you have a fleeting thought of acquiring a new object, sell a home, etc. or setting an intention but neglect to follow through with it? 

Performing candle magick requires that you focus on specific goals and visualize them clearly. Think of the candle itself as a communication medium between yourself and The Universe. As your candle burns it is sending your request out into The Universe. Reservations required. 

  All intentions are done with harm to none.
​♥Retakes $15. Email me. ♥

Angelic DNA Soulprint Alignment

Coming soon!  $50
Teleconference Only.  (# provided with registration payment)

Are you ready to activate your original angelic blueprint? YOUR SOULPRINT? Have you been struggling against invisible barriers that you can’t quite put your finger on? It has been discovered that thousands of years ago, alien races placed seals, implants, karmic imprints and other energetic distortions that would keep the human race from their divine inheritance and spiritual evolution. These manipulations are embedded in the Earth’s magnetic grid and they are activated at birth to keep you from connecting all 12 strands of DNA. Yes, that’s right. Everyone born on Planet Earth has these implants and they can cause emotional, physical and mental health problems.
Want to turn things around and break through?
This class is designed to activate dormant consciousness that can manifest as intuition, wisdom, self-awareness and self- mastery. The information and techniques shared, will allow you to realign your Soul’s purpose and path immediately. The removal of the “unnatural seals, not from God, must done for yourself, family and friends. Your Source belief will give you the empowerment to continue to do this work for others.
Teleconference Available.

$50 is required for advanced reservation due to course materials and space.

               Archangel Metatron Workshop   $125  _____                                                        

TBA  : Zoom Gathering
9 am to 6 pm estimated/Eastern

​Welcome to what will be a unique, Divine & 
vibrationally uplifting workshop experience.

In this workshop, you will connect with Metatron via many meditations and downloads throughout the day. Metatron shares with us an abundance of information which will help you feel at ease with the many changes on our planet. A day of receiving activations designed to open your heart and mind and to empower you in your day to day life. This workshop is for all Lightworkers and Healers to strengthen the cellular level connection with Mother Earth and see the bigger picture. It will guide you to recalibrate your DNA so that you are able to receive the new Earth crystalline grid patterns and follow your Divine plan.

Downloads will include: Attunement to Metatron, Alignment with divine self, Heart Bliss, Accepting your path, Light for healing the World, Transmit light codes to physical body, Communication connection with Galactic Council and God self, Meet the Advanced Galactic Healing Team and Ground fully with Gaia with an Earth Energy Boost. Just to name a few.!!!
The quarantine is over! You are being embraced with open arms by the many different cultures and civilizations that look upon you very fondly from all over the Universe.

If you feel you have something more to do with this life than simply exist, and feel a better destiny awaiting you, Metatron calls for you. The work will continue after the workshop as your journey with Metatron begins. Registration required: $125
Location: East Naples, Florida or teleconference call.

It is suggested to wear loose, or comfortable clothing for the event. Feel free to bring yoga mats, pillows and light cover with you if you wish to lie down. Consider bringing your lunch for a relaxing break.

Group Past Life Regression  via Zoom
Check back for new class date $95
1 - 5 pm
Limited to 10, Must Register by advance payment.

Coming soon:

Jesus Codes, Six Activations of Healing Touch  (see detail page)

Divine Mother Activations of Divine Love

Karmic Clearing

Group Past Life Regression

Angel Circle: Meet the 7 Archangels and their Divine Feminine angels

Pet Communication: Intro to how to use cards for divination

Soul Star/8th Chakra Meditation

Quantum Jumping for Success

Shades of Love...a journey to your heart.

Please note: ​I am no longer teaching Tarot or doing personal readings. But I can recommend. Please contact me from this website...:-)
Exception:  Angelscope.  See detail page.

Past Life Regression Workshop
​The angels and I thank you. ♥♥♥