The Rendely Method of Soul Healings, trained by author, Ruth Rendely,  
are now available with
Sandra McGill.

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Session includes how many angels and spirit guides you have as your support team, negative thoughts forms, how many souls (with personality traits) and if any of them want to leave. Bonus can include: You are checked for entity attachments which include those who are lost from the light, ET's, elementals, and ancestors.  Scanned for hidden/trapped emotions, ET implants, karmic cords, spells/curses and portals in home/land. Followed by a clearing and healing session.  This is all done remotely and on the telephone.

Message from the author reprinted from book back cover:

Often when some breakthrough in science or technology occurs, several individuals, unbeknownst to each other, simultaneously arrive at the same conclusions. For the past twenty-five years Ruth Rendely has been waiting to see if someone else would come forward with the revolutionary discoveries about the nature of souls that she first comprehended in 1989. 

At that time she was living in Japan, and began occasionally doing past-life readings, exploring her abilities as a psychic counselor, in addition to being a lecturer at two Tokyo universities. For some unknown reason, while she was doing these readings, a spirit guide began imparting some new information to her about human souls. He kept showing her clients who had more than one soul, and saying that it was normal. 

This book is the result of that exploration, which reveals why souls might want to share a body, and what happens when they do. This theory helps to explain complexity in human behavior. Complex normal behavior can mean problems in relationships and career choices; while complex deviant behavior can mean murder, mayhem and suicide. Although most of us hold a reverential feeling about the nature of the soul, in reality souls vary in levels of maturity and treat bodies on a sliding scale between respect and disrespect. 

Ruth has been shown instances of souls treating bodies much like teenagers going for a joy ride in a stolen car-riding for a few days, and then abandoning the car. What almost nobody realizes is that quite a few souls avoid attachment to a body before that body reaches physical maturity. 

When Ruth's spirit guide first presented these theories to her, she was naturally dumbfounded, but after he trained her to practically apply them, she became convinced of their veracity. Since those early years, she has assisted souls in entering and exiting human bodies. 

Her talents go beyond clearing entities, or lost souls, from a person's aura, which many adepts can do. With the help of spirit guides, Ruth has literally induced what the author Ruth Montgomery referred to as "Walk-ins". Most individuals who have experienced these changes have felt profound relief.  Ruth has stopped counting the number of suicides that she helped to prevent in utilizing this knowledge and procedures.
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