Certified as a Hypnotherapist Since 1990.
Current member: 
International Association of Counselors & Therapists

Private Sessions:​

Soul Healing based on Ruth Rendely's book, Multiple Souls

​$150 60 Minute Session

Person or Home
$75 Clearing Only

Remote Seraphim Angel Healing  $125

Group Past Life Regression Workshop
with minimum of 3 students  $95 each.


Personal Clearing only: $75 with general information and 15 minute follow-up phone call. Clear all attachments, hidden or trapped emotions, negative energies, ET implants.  This is done remotely.

Clearing of person, home*, land*, detailed report with 30-60 minute follow up phone call:  $150  ​Personal clearing of all attachments, hidden emotions, negative energies, entity portals in home/land, etc. This session includes Soul Reading and personality descriptions. How many souls and if any want to leave. This work is done remotely. Soul Reading is very helpful for those who are dealing with depression, sadness and suicide thoughts.

*Has your house been on the market for sale too long.  It is very helpful to get it cleared of all negative beings, emotional imprints from previous owners and ancestors. How about your office?  This is effective and is done remotely. $75

Legal Disclaimer

All readings, sessions and seminar participation are for persons 18 years or older.

Any information given is not meant to replace legal, medical, and psychological or any other professional service. Sandra is not responsible for life decisions or actions of others based on intuitive and spiritual advice. it is up to the client to be responsible and accountable to use the information to make decisions that best suit them in their life.